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Introduction to Medicinal Herbs Series

Posted By Admin

3 Nights | 15 Herbs! Increase your understanding of 15 key herbs in this 3-class series with Dr. Nate Petley, naturopathic doctor and clinical herbalist. Each night he will discuss a different body system and 5 exemplary herbs. Handouts on each herb will include its constituents, actions, uses, dosing, and contraindications. Sample each herb in […]

Feb 9,2016No Comments

Herbal Detoxification

Posted By Admin

Join Nathaniel Petley, ND, naturopathic doctor and clinical herbalist, as he discusses herbs that naturally help cleanse the body of sludge that accumulates over the winter months. Spring is the perfect time to restore your body to optimal health by kick-starting your digestion and improving the elimination of toxins. This class will cover all organs […]

Feb 2,2016No Comments

Herbal Workshop (Essential Oils)

Posted By Admin

Join Dr. Nate Petley in an all-day, hands-on workshop in Shelton, CT where he will discuss all things relating to essential oils – what they are, how they are made, medicinal use, and safety. In this fun class, you will also learn how to blend essential oils like a professional! Dr. Petley will demonstrate the […]

Jan 28,2016No Comments